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'''Cipriano de Valera''' (C. 1532–C. 1600) was the editor of the first major revision of the Spanish language|Spanish Bible translation of Casiodoro de Reina. First published in 1602, this version of the Bible continues to be called the Reina-Valera, even after latter revisions. Valera was in exile in England during most of the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. He also edited an edition of Calvin's ''Institutes'' in Spanish. Valera was born at Fregenal de la Sierra about 100 km North of Seville. He was a student for about six years at the University of Seville and became a monk. He was a member of the Order of the Observentine Hieronymites. He along with most of the other members of the local branch of the Hieronymites embraced the reformation and went into exile. Shortly after he fled an effigy of Valera was burned at the stake. He first went into exile in Switzerland, but chose to go to England on the coming of Elizabeth I to...
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